torsdag 12 februari 2015

Summary of our visit to Tekniska Muséet

The visit to Tekniska muséet was very informative and we met some people with interesting things to say. Several new departments have been added to the museum during the last years, many of which revolve around digital and interactive technology or devices that depend on our senses, such as the large screens mentioned earlier by Kenneth.

However, we observed several things that could be improved at the museum, based either on our own reflections or what the people we interviewed had to say.

For example; One of the departments was old, untended and seemed quite out of place. It felt like entering a different, older museum due to its old and outdated technology. We also noticed that people had a hard way to find this department, since the previous room was under construction and some temporary construction walls had been raised, making it harder to find.

Some of the people we interviewed said that it was a bit hard to find certain points in the museum; however, there was an information desk at the entrance as well as a map of the museum. Furthermore, there are so many points of interest in the museum that it can be hard to find some of them, and the map was not very detailed and showed only the floor plans without describing their specific exhibitions.

Some information signs were poorly placed in the museum; for example, the sign pointing to the wardrobe section was basically just outside the wardrobe section.

To summarize the points above we concluded that it was rather hard to navigate through out the museum. As we split our group in three and all three of our groups didn't get a natural walk around as we went through the museum. This observation is also backed up by our interviews when they said they were missing things but as we walked through the museum we discovered the missing things.