onsdag 11 februari 2015

State of the art analysis

Today our group went to Tekniska Muséet to conduct interviews and make observations.
Seeing as my group mates have covered most of the observations from inside the museum, I'm going to focus on the museums website!

Unfortunately every person i tried to interview either didn't have time or had already been interviewed by another guy in our group.. (There were also not that many people there at the time)

The website can be found here.

Layout and design.

When you first open the website you get greeted by sort of a slideshow in the middle of the screen, showing off new events that are happening/going to happen in the museum.
Under the slideshow there are small pictures with text under them. If you click on the pictures you get taken to their respective page.

The site is for the most part black and white with the exception of two small pictures, one that will take you to the webshop and one that takes you to a page that gives information on how to book parts of the musem for kids birthday parties. I wonder why the only things in disctinct colours are the stuff they can earn money from?

Overall the design of the site is very clean and simple. To the right theres a link to the museums facebook page and also a twitter feed (it even allows you to tweet directly from the site). However it could feel a bit 'clustery' (with all the smaller images) and the focus of the site is mainly centered around the middle.

In the bottom there's information on how to get to the museum, the opening hours & prices and a phone number and email adress for contacting them.


Theres not much bad to say about the sites functionality. All the links are very clear and describes well where they will take you. Theres even a way to change the fontsize and the fontstyle to suit your preferences. The search field allows you to search the site in case you by some reason can't find what you're looking for.

What if you don't know Swedish then? Don't worry, theres a solution for that. If you click the link in the top right corner that says 'English' it will take you to a, yeah you guessed it, English version of the site. However this English version has a lot less content than the Swedish one.
And if you don't know English or Swedish you can click the 'Translate' link, this will take you to google translate and will translate the whole page to your desired language.

I feel like the website is overall very good and i think that every 'type' of person will be able to use it, old people, young people and probably even kids.



  • Good, clean looking
  • Easy to navigate
  • Informative
  • Doesn't limit itself to Swedish only


  • Can maybe feel a bit 'clustery' for some
  • Doesn't have as much contect for the English version
Emil Persson