tisdag 24 februari 2015

Prototyping crazy idea

One of our crazy prototyping.

The idea is that we visualize big quantity of different items with Virtual Reality technology. For example you could enter the amount of how many items you would want to visualize. say you want to see how the whole worlds gold reserve is compared to Sweden or how 1 million of sausages will look like in a pile.

The application will have gravity and you could touch and throw away  items you visualize.

Here is a picture of what we came up with, to point out it's really low fidelity prototyping.

I think it’s good that we had to design something different. This made us step outside the box and not just focus on a single idea. This was really clear when you had a great idea and just thought it was awesome and it was really hard to think of something else. We could take some key features from this simulation design and add into our route planner idea or vice versa. The literature talks about trade-offs and how to balance in ideas and features in a design. As in this idea the user have lots of freedom and can do really whatever he wants. Compare to the route planner the user is limited in what he is doing even though the goal for each idea is totally different. The literature quotes Linus Pauling “The best way to get a good idea, is to get lots of ideas.” I think this is smart in some way but it’s really just scratching the surface of what an idea really can be. Of course lots of ideas is great but what if you had 100 ideas and just started developing one compare to just 3 ideas and you started to develop all three. What I’m trying to say here is that an idea that seemed dull at start can grow and become something super awesome. And how can you possible think one step ahead of 100 ideas? (I’m not saying lots of ideas is bad!). During this prototyping we came up with lots of ideas even if the time was short.  To address the problem with lots of ideas and not having time to go under the surface on each one of them I think a general solution is necessary to find a fast and cheap way of putting something together and visualize with something real like paper of how it could really be.